Independence Green Yachts
how it works
The Independence 60 works by combining several efficient components in a new (patent pending) process to provide total self sufficiency.

The first step is to collect the energy of the Sun with a solar array that is mounted out of the way on the top of the fly bridge and aft cabin hard top. This energy is then sent to the electrolyzer/generator to generate hydrogen and oxygen from filtered water that the vessel is sitting in. The hydrogen is collected and stored at room temperature and pressure in a metal hydride storage system while the oxygen is released to the atmosphere. This stored hydrogen is then converted to DC electrical power via a fuel cell that combines it with atmospheric oxygen whenever required. The DC electrical power is routed through inverters that generate adjustable AC power for the main propulsion motors or fixed AC power for all of the yacht's "house" loads.

A secondary source of stored energy is a large battery bank that can be charged directly from the solar array or the fuel cell. In the event that all stored hydrogen is used this stored battery energy can then be used for propulsion or house loads.

A third source of operation is to use the electricity from the solar array to power the propulsion motors or house loads directly.
how it works diagram
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