Independence Green Yachts
about us
Independence Green Yachts is a new company with a fresh idea of how boating should take place. Since boating and cruising takes place out in the environment we felt it was only right to not harm or pollute the environment in the pursuit of that pleasure.

That is why we have developed a new yacht that's operation is independent of all fossil fuel use and its derivatives. It is also a vessel that collects and holds not only the black water, but also all grey water drains to minimize nutrient discharge. There are no internal combustion engines so there are no harmful exhausts or emissions, no noise, and no vibration. The hull is shaped to minimize the wake produced at all speeds so there is less of an impact on shore erosion and makes the boat more efficient to run.

The yacht gets all its energy from the sun which is in abundant supplies every where and free. The fuel source is the water in which the boat sits. This allows the boat to be completely self sufficient and independent of any fuel dock.

Even with all of this independence the yacht still provides a luxurious level of accommodations and pampering with comfort cooling and heating and all of today's modern appliances in an easy to use quiet operation as no generator is required.

To enjoy your feeling of independence contact Independence Green Yachts today.
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